Why You Should use Online Storage

  • A Safe Home For Our Digital Content
  • Access From All Our Computers And Mobile Devices
  • Easily Recover If Your Computer is Stolen Or Damaged
  • Share And Collaborate

#7 Mozy


  • Offers strong backup and security
  • Manage their individual encryption key
  • Provides Stash folder for file syncing
  • Offers simple and affordable plans
  • Strong data storage and large file

Service Review

Mozy had started its operations in the form of a data backup service over the internet. It was a traditional service that allowed you to restore your files entirely under circumstances when your PC met with catastrophic problem. It would allow you to achieve backup for all the contents of your hard drive. In the recent past, file syncing was introduced as a new feature of this service.

In a dynamic cloud storage environment, it was certainly a great move to remain competitive and relevant. It’s truly a nice option for you in case your top priorities are strong backup and security.


A robust security is the main element in Mozy’s strength besides its support and help. Security measures are usually not infallible, bit Mozy tends to be a bit different from its competitors. Mozy is a name which is always associated with the most comprehensive and secure storage systems. Mozy ensures strict measures to safeguard all data that they’re supposed to protect. In order to avoid any interception, an SSl encryption worth 128-bit is being used by Mozy while transferring data. They’d also ensure password protection for your account. A Blowfish encryption worth 448-bit is also being used by this service when the files remain in storage. The MozyPro service also allows users to manage their individual encryption key through an AES encryption of 256-bit military grade.

Cost & Storage

Like other different internet-based storage services, Mozy gets a local client installed on the desktop so that you may drag and drop folders and files for which you wish to obtain backup. In addition to this, Mozy also bears a feature that aids file syncing known as the Stash folder. This feature enables you to sync those files that are being used across different computers quite frequently. Files that are there in the Stash folder remain updated on each mobile device or PC which is linked to it.

File syncing and data backup achieves a proprietary blend that creates enough space for fresh returns. You’ll now be able to store some 1,000 videos, 7,500 photos and 6 million text documents under a basic home plans that allows storage worth 50GB. Their plans are truly quite affordable. Home users may even choose storage up to 125GB with three computers.

This service also provides you with features like offline syncing, automatic backups and file versioning. With an offline syncing feature, syncing and backups are performed automatically once you get online.

Support & Help

This service ensures excellent support and help options. They would provide you with a user-guide, an FAQ section (pretty much detailed), and direct support through email or telephone. You may get your doubts clarified anytime, since the reps are always there to address your queries.


Apart from being an intuitive storage service, Mozy is excellent in terms of its primary function i.e. file security and data storage. In the event you’re searching for a traditional back service that provides you with a file syncing option, then Mozy is the right option for you.

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